Tuesday 21 October 2014

Met with my advisor today and talked about what to include in my final portfolio as well as ideas for my senior thesis which ranged from attachment theory to animal emotion in the wild vs captive and the effects to animal right and legal standing. So fun! Also got to hang out with Brandon for a little bit <3





things girls dont like about boys

  • "ew stop talking about tampons tmi"
  • *draws penis on literally everything*
  • "whoa chill out it’s just a joke"
  • "yeah it’s 8 inches"
  • "she looks like such a bitch"
  • "lmao im such a lesbian"
  • "if you like girls why dont you dress like one"
  • "Yeah childbirth hurts but have you ever been kicked in the balls"

"period cramps cant be that bad”

"Jesus. Are you on your period?